The story...

I am trained in mechanical engineering and intellectual property law. But nope! I have never been a patent attorney nor mechanical engineer. Instead I turned into a serial product evangelist/intrapreneur (I am also a traceur, muay thai novice and avid basketballer) and this website is about sharing stories I gather from fellow entre/intrapreneurs and my own dabbles in building new businesses.


I believe we can all change the world, little by little, step by step. That is why, instead of referring to my previous works as projects, I've called them Steps - after all, that's what life is about, continually taking steps and moving forward. Through my first few steps in music, travel, commerce and lifestyle solutions, I have learnt how to be a linchpin (check out Seth Godin's beautiful depiction of a linchpin here), developed an insatiable appetite for building products and most importantly, understand customers and helping companies reach their goals.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
— Peter Drucker

My Personal Vision

This world is more connected than ever, but there are still many misunderstandings, misconceptions and stereotypes of other people all around the world. A connected world should help us become better, more understanding and more tolerant. That's my vision - where everyone is a global citizen and cultures are bridged even for people living at the furthest regions from one another.