Chef Box (eCommerce - F&B)

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Chef Box is a weekly meal kit service, designed for busy professionals looking to cook their own healthy meals from fresh ingredients, without the hassle of queuing up at supermarkets. We deliver fresh pre-portioned ingredients and new recipes to our customers every week, so that you'll never have to worry about wasting unused ingredients or running around town looking for exotic spices. Cooking has never been this easy. Our "You Cook, We Give" program also donates a meal for each box we deliver. With Chef Box, even the busiest professionals can find time to enjoy healthy home-cooked meals while expanding their repertoire in the kitchen.

Role: Founder

Globe Hop (Travel)

Globe Hop brings you closer to that real travel experience you are looking for - the one made for you. See the world through the eyes of locals and discover experiences shared by locals who like what you like, and make lasting memories connecting with people all over the world. That hidden cafe in Venice and breathtaking trekking trail in Japan is now no longer out of reach!

Role: Co-founder

Shopify Asia (eCommerce)

Partnering with Shopify, my team leads the marketing, sales and technical aspects of the Shopify Asia launch in Singapore, Indonesia, India and Malaysia. Shopify is a powerful ecommerce website solution that allows you to sell online by providing everything you need to create an online store.

Role: Product Development, Evangelism

AMPed (Music)

Singapore's top music service. There's always the right music to amp up any mood. With AMPed, you will have unlimited access to a library of more than 5 million songs on your mobile as well as your PC. On top of this, you can build your own social music community and even become a DJ for your friends.

Role: Product Development, Program Management

Loop & Meet (Lifestyle)

A social calendar app which focuses on bringing you and your friends together. Have fun, watch movies, and do all the amazing. [Edited: This project was terminated in 2013] [Note: The logo was actually much nicer, I couldn't find the original video with the amazing logo]

Role: Product Development, Product Design

NewsLoop (News)

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NewsLoop gives you the latest news and lifestyle stories from more than 230 international media sources, online magazines and lifestyle blogs via our news app. Our list of partners includes content partners from Singapore and all around the world such as BBC, Bloomberg, Reuters and the Guardian.

Role: Business Analysis, Opportunity Research (eCommerce - Retail)

Established in Fall 2008, is an online fashion shopping mall designed for both ladies' and mens' apparels and accessories. We are based in Singapore and have a ready stocked warehouse available in Seoul, Korea. Believing in the sharing of global fashion, we provide local customers leading fashion labels from Korea, including Nak Classic, DAKUANG and many more. [Note: This was so long ago, I couldn't even find any images of the site now on wayback machine, only the skeleton - without images here. What a pity!]

Role: Co-founder, CEO